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Eyebrows are the frame of the eyes and the proof is that a correct design of eyebrows can completely transform your face. You can from extol your beauty to enhance your weakest points. Each type needs a design eye eyebrow and every face shape design harmonizes with eyebrows.

How is design if I have eyes together?

You must move the point A slightly outward to create an optical effect and the eyes appear further apart.

What if I have very separate?

You must bring a little point A to the brow center.

Can I hide small eyes?

To compensate you will be better a thin and refined eyebrows.

What if they are googly?

Opt for a more pronounced eyebrows and wide to balance the face.

What eyebrows favor a round face?

Highlight natural angles of the peak and maximizes arc. Do not round the shape of the eyebrow, just get accentuate the round shape of your face.

What do I do if I have a long face?

Opt for an angled brow with a well-defined arc. You will attract attention to the bow and if you have the pronounced jaw is dissimulate. Forget round eyebrows, they do not have enough strength to balance the features of your face.

For girls oval face?

Ideally, a well-defined and structured to complement the shape of the face eyebrow.Flee fine and smooth eyebrows make your face look more elongated.
What do we do with sparsely populated eyebrows?

There are several solutions: The dye gives more shine, volume and vigor. Leave them to grow and not to touch them go to an expert. Use oils that hydrate the eyebrow, as castor oil or a mixture of almond oil or paint it.
What if our eyebrows are too long?

It is important that a professional determine the appropriate C point to your face (where your eyebrow ends). A long eyebrows are very nice but if you spend could sadden the look and make the eye look more fallen. You can use hairspray to master these longer hairs. Waxing starts at the bottom, because it is clear gaze. Should always remove more from below to get a mini-lifting effect. Hair removed with wax and reviews with the clamp.

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