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Perhaps ever happened to you:

You meet someone, exchange phone numbers, you have several appointments, you start a relationship, everything seems fine and suddenly ... silence. Without warning, that person fails to reply to your text messages and your calls. Simply disappears from your life without giving any explanation.
If you have experienced something similar you have been a victim of ghosting, a word that translates as "get the ghost".


The technique is simple: it is disappearing from the life of another person without communicating.

The word is associated with ghosting "Ghost", the famous film in 1990 starred Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. He soon become a colloquial verb in the United States to describe the end of a romantic relationship ignoring attempts at reconciliation of one of the two involved. This word has been gaining popularity in recent times, being chosen as one of the words of 2015 by the British Collins.

In a survey conducted in 2014 in the United States the company YouGov for the site Huffington Post, 11% of respondents said someone have done ghosting and 13% had been victims of this practice.
Elle magazine conducted a similar survey among its readers: 26% of women and 33% of men admitted they were victims both delghosting as having been carried out.


The study focused on ghosting in the context of romantic relationships, the phenomenon is equally applicable to friendships. Further, while ghosting a date is widely accepted be a shitty practice, doing it to a friend doesn't mean you're trying to sever ties. It's annoying to the person sending the text, but if the message is important, you'll know it as soon as you receive it. Either that or you'll get a snarky followup text when they see you've been tweeting and liking things on Instagram. 


Some celebrities have already experienced is the ghosting and singer Joe Jonas, which ended with Taylor Swift but she had noticed; or Katy Perry, whom they left through a back sms and email; Charlize Theron and Sean Penn were willing to follow separate after sharing his life for more than a year roads. It turns out that the tactic employed by it, whom the media attributed the decision to end their relationship with Penn.


 After all this ... Do you ghosting? Or have you been the victim of them?

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