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Neckerchief: the least expected is the most top accessory

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We're back after our great summer on the White summer !! Thank you very much for everybody who came to visit us :)

We return here with a new trend : is one accessory that we believe will be key for this winter! One of them is the chocker and the other one is the neckerchief!

The neckerchief is perhaps the most silent, discreet and elegant complement. This fall the accessory becomes the best way he knows: the most versatile item of our wardrobe.

References to find new (and wonderful) belong to almost all periods and styles: from Kate Moss, with its endless collection of silk scarves knotted tight up to the neck bohemia key; to Audrey Hepburn, with its tendency to bring them bound in the triangle-shaped head; Catherine Baba passing and fixing transform them into turbans. All are worth.

How many different ways to wear a scarf can you think of? There are countless ways to wear the headscarf with great style and be super fashionable. We show you some of them!

The coolest version -of silk handkerchief, extra long and very, very narrow, the style of Kate Moss remains an inexhaustible source of bohemians outfits and a strong rock'n'roll charge when mixed with silk blouses and strict blazers. But with more streetwear apparel gets openwork become that (necessary) touch that goes intent look.


Tied at the waist scarf transforms into a stabilizing element that may look small to be too trendy.

You can also combine a choker with a handkerchief like Gigi!

The best resource to make any look is memorable is to introduce an element that dislodges but without making too much noise. And the scarf is perfect for this.

Very very soon it will be available on ÖH MY!


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