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It's here the summer and we want to continue to be fit our perfect body practicing outdoor sports as fun and appetizing way! Play sports without realizing that you're practicing is the perfect key. Here we show different ways to make sport in our favorite season and exercises that practicing our favorite celebs to be fit.


Is the trend today and can be considered as wardrobe. The best way to do this exercise is to go with your friends. The ideal cycling time is about 45 minutes but you'll see it that with your friends time passes very fast! This exercise allows us to tone your legs and buttocks.



In the company of your friends. It is the new fitness fever Hollywood. It's one of the funniest, easiest to do in the company and, above all, one of the alternatives more fit existing plans. Because it's always a good idea to get it. Strengthen our legs and buttocks, abdomen, lumbar and paravertebral.

It is said that skating can even burn more calories than running, although the average will obviously depend on the intensity of each session and the weight and height of each person.


We know that in summer temperatures rise much and therefore it's important to take certain precautions if you are practicing exercise. Your body will thank you!
To prevent your body suffers heat stroke, and can keep exercising in summer, "Water sports are a good alternative, since the body can regulate the temperature easily to transmit heat to the water. For example: swimming , surfing or water aerobics are perfect for summer sports. "

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SKINNY BITCH COLLECTIVE Is the training which prepares Russell Bateman models and actresses for catwalks and movies.

1. You'll see supermodels and actresses walk as primates with resistance bands in his arms to start the nervous system and activate the upper body. It's great for triceps!
2. Make sprints it's the best and fastest way to burn fat. It's more effective than an increase to a x-trainer hour. Do sit-ups, weight lifting.
The plus. Green Tea. Drink it or take it in extract as a supplement. It's great to burn fat and has millions of health benefits.
3. To 'lift' the ass. Individual leg and buttock lifts are great for sculpting the muscles in the ass.


SUPER IMPORTANT: "Avoid exercise in the middle of the day," Drink plenty of fluids and when pyou racticing sport, that makes you happy and you feel like it;
because where there is motivation and satisfaction.The perfect sport does not exist, but the most appropriate for each one yes.

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