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The Secret of the Perfect Tan - 8 Tips to Getting Your Dream Bronze

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It’s summertime and we hope you have only one worry on your mind: how to get the right tan! It’s surely an issue for those of you who want to look stunning the whole season and make it last at least through the first few weeks of autumn.

A golden -brown tan not only makes your skin look amazing, but also helps you look slimmer. In addition, lying in the sun boosts your serotonin levels and makes you happier, so there’s nothing like having a little fun at the beach and getting a fill of that famous vitamin D.

Before you slip into the bathing suit and put on those flip-flops, there are some things you should keep in mind, that will help turn tanning into an art. Here are our 8 tips and tricks to get your skin smooth and bronze and make you stand out from the crowd at the pool parties.


1. Exfoliate gently and regularly.

Tanning is your skin reacting to the sun. Make sure you exfoliate regularly to avoid build up or to prevent the dead skin from blocking the rays. Forgetting to exfoliate will result in an uneven tan, which you certainly do not want. Scrub lightly so you don’t get all the color out, if you are already darker. If you’re looking for a natural scrub you can make your own and there are plenty of options to choose from: granulated sugar mixed with honey, coffee and olive oil or ground oatmeal chimed with a little bit of salt. 

2. Eat lots of carrots.

Fully shown that eating carrots like crazy not make you put darker (or you get it faster). Containing beta-carotene (like tomatoes, oranges and other fruits) yes stimulate your production of melanin and slow down the aging of your skin. You get a gold (or may even orange) tone, but not make you put brunette far less protection you need.


3. Protect yourself with oil.

Very careful with this texture. In the market there accelerators with attractive aromas of coconut or carrot and yet do not contain protection filter (in its packaging show between SPF 2 and 8).



4. Moisturize before and after

A softer skin looks better tanned. Get your body moisturized the night before you plan to sunbathe and make it as silky as possible. Concentrate on the more problematic areas, the ones that dry the quickest, for they can cause an uneven tan. You can get a moisturizing sun lotion to kill two birds with one stone. Also, make sure you drink plenty of liquids to keep your body and skin hydrated all the while you’re tanning.

5. Take the wet or water sun.

It is true that while you're in the water and when you still have wet body, water droplets act as magnifying glass and make the sun's rays impinge more on your skin. However, it is both one of the causes of burns, especially if you do not renew your sunscreen every so often (you must do this even when it's waterproof) occur.

6.Moisturize from within.

Hot weather should drink plenty of fluids and eat foods that contain lots of water, such as fruits and vegetables. If you moisturise your skin from within, you will prevent drying out and will improve its elasticity, making better retain the tan to last longer.

7.Sunbathing more times and less time

Is best to take the sun 15 or 20 minutes each day to do it for 4 hours one day a week. Try to use the time you have to eat at noon sun for a few minutes and see how slowly you go getting faster brown and will last longer. If you can also sunbathe while longer weekend: tan insured!

 8. Protect your eyes

Bright light on the optic nerve stimulates the hypothalamus gland, which produces melanin thus achieving a better tan. But your eyes can easily get burned as well, so the best thing to do is to wear a hat or keep them closed, instead of using sun glasses, while lying in the sun. 



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